The most predictable thing about life is that it is always changing. I’m told this is a good thing since it lets me know that I am alive and well…just uncomfortable until I find balance again.

-Melissa Perrin

Melissa Perrin, Psy.D. 

Welcome to Perrin Psychological Training & Consultation Services

I love what I do. I find people fascinating and feel particularly grateful that I am allowed to witness and guide people through difficult and joyful periods in their lives. Sometimes I am along for only part of the journey. In other situations, clients return for check-ups, tune-ups or to move through another difficult leg of the journey. I am a preventionist at heart and often approach issues with two goals: help manage the current symptoms and attempt to prepare the client for future events that might call for old or new behaviors. I work with a wide variety of clients, with a specialty in trauma work, mood disorders, and recovery issues and would love to explore healing options with you. I also offer consultation to clergy, medical professionals, mental health clinicians, and education professionals.

We humans are wonderfully resilient and adaptive. Coming to therapy is not a sign of weakness but of courage and desire for health. The best outcome of treatment is a decrease in unproductive symptoms and behaviors, as well as an increase in the general comfort level with newer behaviors, views, and choices.

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Specializing In:

Mood Disorders

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Addiction & Recovery

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Eating Disorders

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Life Transitions

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foundChange references the changes we are already making but might not be aware of. foundChange is an ongoing series of trainings and retreats for clergy, medical personnel, mental health practitioners, teachers, and leaders. We explore mental health topics that help you to guide yourself and others along the path of life. You may find that you are further on your path than you realized.

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2.19.20 Breadcrumb [Presence]

Six feet apart sanitized masked breathing shallowly  His words muzzled by three layers muted in implicit silence Tears shimmer  gravity demanding they seek his jaw line thwarted by the paper cloth draped across his cheeks   Mirroring…
Fall Leaves

The Best Balm for Anxiety? Action

"Anxiety must be channeled.
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Mind the Gap = Mind the Algorithm

Loving on Life's Terms today means working with how the world we live in is expressing itself and moving toward each other. Algorithms are ostensibly in place so that our experiences can be tailor made for us and we can continue to…
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Wading In…

So: How do you feel about leaving your house? About returning to work? How do you feel about having to find a job? How do you feel about the next few months? How do you feel when you see someone who is not wearing a mask? What about crowds?…
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What was it like?

Welcome to the new normal. So much has happened in our world. What have you attended to? In "Tips to Manage Stress and Potential Trauma" [April 2, 2020] I wrote about the psyche and how we human beings attend to distressing events and strategies…
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See, Hear, Touch

The most loving thing we can do for each other right now is see each other, in the fullness of our humanity: of our needs, mortality, limited vision, fear, capacity for love, support and generosity. Welcome to August 2020 in which living with…
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Tips to Manage Stress and Potential Trauma

It is time to lay the groundwork for healing after all of this unfolds. When we are in situations that are tumultuous, unbearable or cannot be understood as we live through them, we have a number of instinctive coping strategies that we use…
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Stoicism in the time of Covid-19

"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. [People] are disturbed, not by things, but by the view they take of them. First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do." Epictitus How are you? In…
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Managing Anxiety and Grief While Sheltering in Place

We are in a time of communal grief and worry. These are the suggestions I am offering to everyone in my care during this time of social fasting and self imposed retreat. I share them with you. Anxiety: Remember that anxiety is the natural human…