Answers to Questions Frequently Asked

(Please ask if the answer to your question is not here.)

Session Length:

Sessions are 50 minutes; 90 minutes for EMDR. This time is set aside for you; sessions begin and end as scheduled.


Clinical work is most effective in-person and when done at a steady pace. The best and quickest course of treatment is done on a weekly basis. If you must cancel an appointment try to reschedule an appointment within three days of the canceled appointment to ensure consistency and flow.
Fees and Insurance:

Fees are based on services provided. Since I do not work directly with insurance companies, my fees are not inflated. This serves my clientele equally and makes these services affordable for most. Sliding scale is available for clients with limited funds and emergencies.

Please pay at each session. Your check serves as a receipt. If you pay cash, I will give you a written receipt on request. If you need a statement for insurance purposes, please let me know. I will be pleased to complete any necessary insurance forms for you.


What you say here stays here except in instances in which safety is a concern such as physical or sexual abuse [please see Mandatory Reporting below], suicidal plans and homicidal plans. When safety issues arise I must report abuse issues as well as danger to self or others to the proper authorities to ensure safety.
In every other circumstance, information will be kept confidential. If information is to be shared with other institutions [schools, lawyers, other clinicians, insurance companies, etc.] a release of information will be filled out with specific information to be shared to which specific party for a limited time. You may rescind the release of information at any time and communication will stop immediately. However, information released prior to rescinding the release of information is not effected. You have the right to inspect the information being released.

Guardians of minors hold the right of confidentiality for the information kept in this office as it applies to the minor.

Phone calls between sessions:

Please call if you feel a short phone call would be helpful. There is usually no fee for phone calls. I check my messages and return calls every day except Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays.


An Emergency is defined as feeling suicidal or homicidal with intent to act on those feelings. If you have an Emergency, dial 911 or go directly to the Emergency Room at the hospital of your choice. If a family member is assaultive, has run away or is in danger call the police to ask for their assistance as soon as possible.

Mandatory Reporting:

I am mandated by the state of Illinois to report suspected child and abuse to the Department of Child and Family Services. I risk losing my license if I do not do this. Child abuse is defined as sexual touch between an adult and child, neglect (physical and medical), and beating a child under the age of 18 with a closed fist or object. I am also mandated to report senior citizen abuse. This is defined as physical abuse (as above), neglect (as above), as well as financial abuse.


Please let me know if you have concerns about our work together. This is your therapy and I want you to be pleased with your experiences here.

Cancellation Policy:

24-hour advance notice is required for cancellation or you will be charged for the session. You will not be charged if we can reschedule your appointment within the same week of the canceled appointment.

Phone Sessions:

Phone Sessions are available if you are unable to attend a session in person. Phone sessions will be charged at the standard hourly rate plus 15%.