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I love what I do. I find people fascinating and feel particularly grateful that I am allowed to witness and guide people through difficult and joyful periods in their lives. We humans are wonderfully resilient and adaptive. Coming to therapy is not a sign of weakness but of courage and desire for health. The best outcome of treatment is a decrease in unproductive symptoms and behaviors, as well as an increase in the general comfort level with newer behaviors, views and choices.

Sometimes I am along for only part of the journey. In other situations, clients return for check-ups, tune-ups or to move through another difficult leg of the journey. I am a preventionist at heart and often approach issues with two goals: help manage the current symptoms and attempt to prepare the client for future events that might call for old or new behaviors.

In this site, you will find:

  • Information about my therapeutic practice.
  • Information about seminars and workshops that I give as well as Continuing Education Opportunities and Consultation opportunities.
  • Information about Consultation for Title IV issues
  • General information compiled to answer questions that I am frequently asked about anxiety, depression, addictions, recovery, compulsive behavior and life transitions.
  • Resources to aid further exploration.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements and Events

  • January 9, 2018: This Much Is True, Mrs. Murphy's Pub, Chicago, IL
  • February 23, 2018: 21st Century Addictions: Internet, Gaming and Sex; Springfield, IL
  • April 6, 2018: Borderline? BiPolar? Or Relationship Addiction?, Christ Hospital, Oak Lawn, IL

Loving on Life's Terms

A blog about Loving with clarity, openness and acceptance. Blog entries are in response to questions from and conversations with clients, colleagues and friends about relationships.

Please contact me if you have questions or would like more information.

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